Rational and humane registration process for undocumented people to gain residency and, eventually, citizenship.  This would include provisions for children who immigrated to the US before the age of 16 to gain Long-term Permanent Resident status so they can attend college.

Protection of U.S. and immigrant workers. We must protect all workers’ rights, regardless of whether they were born in the United States or abroad, and any employment verification system should determine employment authorization accurately and efficiently while protecting workers and good-faith employers.

Allocation of sufficient visas to close unlawful migration channels. The allocation of employment visas to workers should be depoliticized and placed in the hands of an independent commission that can assess labor shortages and determine the number and characteristics of foreign workers to be admitted, with Congress’s approval.

Enhancement of our nation’s security and safety. A sensible enforcement strategy will keep America safe AND protect due process and human rights, by targeting genuine threats such as violent individuals, human traffickers and drug smugglers.

Unification of families. Our outdated family immigration channels, which keep close family members separated for decades, must be reformed to restore our commitment to promoting family unity.

Promotion of immigrant integration.
The federal government must help new immigrants learn our language and laws, ensure equal opportunity for immigrants to participate in programs and services, and support state and local governments’ efforts to help integrate these new Americans.

Protection of fundamental rights. Congress must restore basic civil liberties and reaffirm Constitutional protections for all individuals in this country. Unlawful inhumane detentions must stop.  Families should not be torn apart by deportations.